Central Market - What is the underground night market in Ho Chi Minh City

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"Underground night market" - a market with a unique and new operating model in Saigon. Let's follow the article below to see the differences and attractions at the market, and why it can attract Saigon people as well as tourists to visit!

1. Underground night market - Where is Central Market located?

The underground market, also known as Central Market Shopping Center, has a total area of ​​about 11,000 m2, including more than 5,000 m2 with 350 carefully designed stalls, selling a variety of dishes, creating a humid area. Unique food, full of street flavor. Parallel to the food area, there is a fashion area with items: clothes, souvenirs, shoes,...

The road to the market is lined with trees, one side borders Pham Ngu Lao street, the other side borders Le Lai street, next to Bui Vien Western neighborhood, only 10 minutes walk from Ben Thanh market, Central Market meets a variety of shopping needs. , entertaining domestic customers and international tourists.

2. Operating hours at the underground night market - Central Market

This underground market - Central Market is open all day with trading activities but is most vibrant at night. The vitality of the underground night market is the shopping areas and utility areas along with the highlight of the culinary space with diverse colors and flavors of Asia.

  • Open: 9AM
  • Close: 10PM

​3. How to get to Central Market

Travel by public transport

If choosing a bus, then routes: 03, 19, 20, 28, 53, 56, 72, 93  will have stops near Central Market shopping center. You should download the "Bus map" app on your phone ----> log in your starting location ---> enter the destination "Central Market District 1 shopping center", to make traveling more convenient. 

Taking a bus to explore around Ho Chi Minh City is quite interesting and unique (Source: Collected)

Travel by personal vehicle

In District 1, there are many quality motorbike rental shops. Travel with safe, reliable motorbikes. Because the market is located in District 1, moving around is not difficult. If you don't know the way to Central Market shopping mall, you should use "Google Map" to enter the starting point and destination as "Central Market".

Travel with safe, reliable motorbikes (Source: Collected)

Travel by technology vehicle

It's convenient and easy, if you choose to travel by technology car, just enter your destination, the driver will take you straight to the Shopping Center - Central market. Currently, Ho Chi Minh City has technology vehicles such as Grab, Gojek, Be...They will be the ones to take you to the places you want to visit.

Using Grab in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam (Source: Collected)

4. Highlights at Central Market

This is the first underground market model in Saigon

In Saigon, an underground business model appeared for the first time, with many products from fashion to food courts or other high-end services. Not only is it a novel business model, the underground market also contributes to creating jobs for street vendors; resolving parking spaces in the city center area; and improving the environment and business methods of the small business community.

Culinary paradise in the basement

With nearly 100 old Asian street food stalls from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Japan.....with a capacity of more than 300 seats at the Central Market food court for customers to comfortably enjoy. Come enjoy. Stalls of Vietnamese cuisine, rustic street food, and traditional specialties of all three regions, North, Central, and South, are on sale to help customers choose freely. Each booth is eye-catchingly decorated, with food and drinks that ensure food hygiene and safety, creating absolute peace of mind for customers. 

There is also a Taka Plaza shopping area with more than 400 large and small stores with services:

  • Providing diverse goods
  • Coop Food convenience store
  • Telecommunications service counter
  • Change foreign currency…...

Combination of modern and traditional markets

The unique point that makes up the brand of the "unique" night market is that Sense Market has a combination of traditional and modern markets, meeting the shopping and entertainment needs of domestic customers and tourists. international calendar, bringing customers unique experiences. At the underground night market, customers can enjoy the culinary quintessence of other countries prepared by chefs from that country in a very Vietnamese space.

(Source: Collected)

Regularly organize events

Central Market regularly organizes events, festivals, exchanges and cultural programs; exchanges, free entertainment, or promotional events. The events are organized both towards the development of urban areas and residential communities, while also promoting and enhancing the image of the city. Ho Chi Minh in particular and Vietnam in general, this helps spread the word to international tourists and friends.

(Source: Collected)

5. Variety of special dishes at Central Market

Soho Town is decorated in a cozy style with nearly 100 stores. The dishes here are also very diverse from many countries. This is also considered an ideal, comfortable place for people to experience meals together.

Spacious and comfortable dining area (Source: Collected)

6. Unique fashion area, gathering many "Local Brand" stores that attract young people

Not only is there a quality and unique food court, from the dishes to the well-designed style of food stalls. At the underground night market - Central Market, there is also a fashion area with more than 400 large and small stalls, with all kinds of items for tourists to visit and shop such as: souvenirs, clothes, shoes, handbags..., meeting the needs of customers coming to the market. A unique feature at the market is that the fashion area is divided into 2 areas:

  • The fashion area is diverse and rich, selling many styles of clothes and shoes, suitable for many audiences from young to middle-aged styles at affordable prices.
  • The area gathers many clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. self-produced brands, most of which are designed and produced by young people, and are loved by young people. Each store in this fashion area is a different brand, shaping its own personality and style.

With the uniqueness of the fashion area at Central Market, it will not be too difficult for customers to own unique, rarely touched items, and have a cool, spacious, and convenient shopping experience. A plus point is that the store employees are all very friendly and cheerful.

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7. Experience going to the underground night market - Central Market

  • Regarding the parking area: At the underground night market - Central Market, there is a parking area located right next to the market, so you do not need to park in the outside areas.
  • Please protect your personal belongings safely.
  • The scale of the market is quite large. If after visiting you need to find a resting area, there are chairs arranged in front of the entrance gate.

The underground night market - Central Market has great potential for development in the future. If focusing on selling street food to restore order on the sidewalks and sidewalks takes shape, then Saigon Central Market will become a "hot spot" for food, entertainment and shopping that cannot be missed for tourists and Saigon people to visit in District 1.

Source: Collected

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